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A multi-cuisine restaurant and bar

A Multi-cuisine Restaurant and Bar

Suite Bar is a multi-cuisine restaurant and bar. The ambiance our restaurant offers an international feel. The food and drinks on our platter are famous around the world. We are running this bar from past five years. And, the overwhelming response of the locals inspires us to introduce new recipes and drinks. We believe in innovation. Thus, our pool of talented chef’s keeps reinventing the culinary of various countries.

Months of Experience.

food and drinks.


Happy Customers.

Our Presence

We are set-up in the New market Area of the city, where tourists, students, and people from all age group hang out. Tourists and locals visiting Auckland Zoo, University of Auckland, and Alxendra Park and several nearby places often visit us. The lip-smacking sea-food and other meats we offer are popular among food lovers.

Variety of Wine

Wines have a special place on our menu. As we offer a variety of red wine, white wine, and other popular drinks. Apart from serving traditional global cuisine we also invent recipes. The vegetation of Beans, Cucurbits, and Carrots and several other ingredients makes the country rich in food production. The fast-paced lifestyle in this region attracts food culture from Australian, French and Italian cuisine. Needless to say, the Kiwis like to explore cuisine they are yet to taste. This emphasis kiwi restaurant’s to the introduction of the global platter. Weekends are booked for parties and group outing, thus restaurants offer sitting as well as the takeaway things.

Suite Bar

Suite Bar is one such restaurant in the city that offers delicious, mouth-watering recipes along with fine dine experience. The wine yards in the region offer flavorful drinks that make you forget everything. Suite Bar is the best place to enjoy leisure with a glass of drink. Also, enjoy a tasting of kauri Ridge flora, Tara Vineyard Viognier, and many other wines.

Cooking Team

Our cooking team a blend of young and experienced cooks. The authentic taste of each recipe cooked in our kitchen will make you visit us regularly. Suite Bar is the perfect place for celebrations. You can gorge on the lip-smacking Maori cuisine any day.

Immigrants from Japan and other Southeastern countries have bought their food with us. Thus, people here look forward to taste Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines. The spicy and savory dishes of these countries are most liked flavors in Auckland. Suite Bar is a five-year-old restaurant in the city and serves everything from wine to desserts. We also serve American, British and French style cuisines. Our chefs have design a stupendous menu.

The grilled fish with roasted peanuts, classic Thai curry and traditional Malai Kofta curry of India attracts visitor at large. The Red Wine, Pinot Noir, with classic pork recipes makes your day a memorable one.

Meet Our Team

Zuba Dave


Miyang Che

Restaurant Owner

Hershal Crow

Executive Chef

Jack ‘O’Danniel


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